by Adele Johnston 


I read this week that 1 in 5 UK adults have felt shame because of their body image in the last year.

It got me thinking about how I was once part of those 1 in 5.

The shoogling of my belly as I stood naked in front of the mirror.

The negative talk about the stretch marked road map across my belly, thighs and boobs.

Have you been there?

I’m going to share with you what I’ve put into practice over the past 2 years that has helped me to be the body comfortable woman that I am today.



I truly hope you read this, save it down and revisit it throughout the days, weeks and months ahead.

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Step 1 – See your body for what it does

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It’s not ‘just’ a body, It’s your only body.

It’s there to enable you to experience so much in the life time that you have: 

  • Traveling and experiences around the world (we’ll get back there soon)
  • Holding loved ones close for cuddles and kisses
  • Trying new foods, wines, gins
  • Growing new life
  • Climbing mountains, walking around beautiful countryside, swimming in the bluest of blue water, sunbathing in the Caribbean


Without your body you’d do none of that.


Step 2 – Positive Language for 1 whole day

Avoid using negative language towards yourself and your body for 1 waking day – I was going to throw you in the deep end with an entire week but let’s start slow and you can feel free to continue on. 




positive language

The way we speak to our self takes so many forms.

Body Language – we poke, prod and shoogle parts of ourselves.

Stand in front of the bathroom mirror and inspect what we’re seeing, all whilst expressing some kind of dismay at what we’re feeling and seeing. 

Verbal Language – the things we say out loud to ourselves and in front of others.

The “ugh I need to go on a diet” or the “I’ve put on weight, I feel so fat” talk that inside you’re crying at the thought and the sound of hearing. Yet the dismissive tone that bursts out when you say it – you know they were thinking it, you just got in there first to avoid the feeling of vulnerability and judgement from others.

Internal Language – the little voice in your head.

It’s a blessing and a curse at times. When it’s positive it’s a joy to listen to, it’s encouraging, kind, complementary and powerful. When it’s having a bad day and negative thoughts transfer themselves to your mindset, you become held in that vice-like grip of self-sabotage and limiting beliefs.

The way we speak to and about ourselves using any of the above language outlets affects our current and future self.

Self-esteem, self-worth and our ability to get comfortable with vulnerability is directly impacted by how we act towards ourselves, speak about ourselves and our very own perceptions of who we are.

So, for one whole day consciously react, speak to and think positively about yourself and your body. When a negative thought pops into your head, ‘deflect and protect’ by being consciously aware it’s there; but swiftly pushing away (it has no place for today) and replacing it with a positive response instead, e.g. I acknowledge (insert negative thought) and want to thank my body for enabling me to take that beautiful countryside walk, followed by coffee and cake, with my best friend.

Trust me on this one, when you start replacing the negative with the positive you open up a whole new world for yourself. It applies immensely for body confidence.


Step 3 – How To Increase Your Body Confidence

Now that you’ve observed steps 1 and 2 – I do really hope you’ll take action on this today – I’m going to share ways you can improve your relationship with yourself and your body image.

First off this isn’t a ‘do this once and all is fixed’ type of solution; in fact, it’s not even a ‘quick fix’ because chances are you’ve been in this cycle of negative self-talk for a lot of years. Am I right?

In this final step you’re going to act on treating your body to something nice.

Here’s some examples of what that might be for you…




treat your body well

The point in all of this is not to train yourself into positive thoughts and feelings all the time – let’s be realistic in all of this. It’s about being aware of the days you need to focus on the positive thoughts, reactions and language that you have towards your body. Acknowledging and remembering the amazing things it enables you to do with your life.

On the days you can’t face it remember this, those are the days you need it and the days your body deserves it.

Have a wonderful week and if you’re feeling empowered by any of your actions, why not tag me in your social media and I’ll absolutely support you.

If any of what you’ve read has resonated with you remember you’re #NeverAlone and I’m only ever 1 message away.

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With love and gratitude

Adele x