That Sunday evening body dread…

by Adele Johnston 

Well, how was your weekend? 

Did you take full advantage of the pubs, bars and some restaurants opening up again? Or was it amazing family time with a take away, wine (for the adults) and a movie?

Yum – right!

Then Sunday afternoon hits and the guilt sets in.

Why the heck does that happen? 

Boom, out of nowhere you find yourself starting the dread of the Monday diet – the intensions are there to ‘get on it’ tomorrow and “be good all week”.


Why do so many finish the week this way?

The weeks’ knowledge share is dedicated to sharing just what it involves to drop just 1lb, in the hope it helps avoid the Sunday evening dread. 

As always I love a good picture to support my story – you know me by now, right!

Here it is…

Let’s pause a sec and take a look at some examples of 500kcal foods to give this part some perspective:



Some tips that might support you during times like these are:  


  1. Be present in the moment. I know I talk about this a lot but being present when you eat will help you enjoy what you’re eating far more than being mindless when eating.


  1. Acknowledge hunger levels. This might be a trigger for many ‘quick snack’ solutions that end in a full packet of chocolates being eaten when in fact you didn’t really want to do that. It’s easily done and before you know it 500kcals have been eaten without really noticing or enjoying them. You’re not alone here. 


3. If you’re an emotional eater, having dinner and eating what you perceive to be healthy and filing won’t remove your want for comfort foods. Ultimately it won’t satisfy ‘emotional hunger’. Connect with this. 


4. Acknowledge that emotional hunger – or eating your feelings – will not fix the emotional pain. Try working on that emotional trigger through proven strategies such as journaling your thoughts and feelings (this is a safe environment where you can remove those thoughts and feelings from your head, write them down and for some, you may even want to burn them afterwards to keep those deep thoughts/secrets from being known)   


 So remember, we all have moments where we over consume foods – those highly palatable and sugary ones normally – but being present in that moment and acknowledging why you’re eating will help you deeply and widely in the future.  

If you suspect you are struggling with binge eating disorder then I urge you to visit the UK’s eating disorder charity for support. 


Finally if any of the eating mindfully part resonates with you, reach out by replying to this email and let’s chat.

Adele x