Low calorie days…

by Adele Johnston T 

That’s low but…

I’m sure by now your mailbox has gone ping wild with all the “OMFG 800 calories are they mad” email responses to the Channel 4 ‘Lose a Stone in 21 Days with Michael Mosley’.

Maybe not and I’m the first.

So here’s the summary;

basically Channel4 launch this very low calorie diet (VLCD) for rapid weight loss and film obese participants through their journey with Dr Michael Mosely – who ladies, just for full clarity, is a documentary maker and journalist for the BBC; and has been for the last 25 years – not a practicing doctor, I feel that #fact is pretty dang important here.

He’s aiming this rapid weight loss at those “in need of a post-lockdown health overhaul”

Calm down Michael, you’re getting ahead of yourself a little here mate, surely a “health overhaul” is a bit more multifaceted and putting someone on an 800 calorie ‘cookie cutter’ style diet for 21 days is factually not going to give them a health overhaul.

Next he’ll be claiming it takes 21 days to break an old habit and create a new one, justifying the timescale. We all know that’s not true right, it’s different for everyone and habitual formation isn’t as simple as ‘just’ stopping something or ‘starting’ something.

Anyway back to Channel4 and Michael (no doctor in my eyes, sorry mate)

Then there’s the ‘criteria’ for this so called “health overhaul” [insert rolling eyes emoji here]


Open quote “

  • Have you overindulged in food and alcohol during the lockdown period?
  • Did you have any pre-lockdown weigh concerns that have now become more urgent?
  • Do you feel that lockdown has impacted your health?
  • Are you looking for a diet and exercise overhaul?

Close quote “

Alright, so now that’s there in black and white and we know what the prime time TV coverage will air for our entertainment (let’s be real here, that’s what it’s all about, air time content)

I’m uneasy…

And so are Beat, a leading eating disorder charity in the UK, so much so they’re having to increase their helpline hours for this airing.

The charity has already seen a 50% increase in calls since the start of lockdown and has seen a 78% rise in contact via social media (figures compared with February 2020).

If you are anxious or seeking support at this time for disordered eating or an eating disorder, please visit them here https://

Now for my input – the nutrition knowledge – sorry/not sorry Michael I don’t deem you to have any but you’re blood great at profiteering from such shows,

I’m not against very low calorie diets, they have a place, In the right situations for some people – in fact I have a client just now cycling 2 low calorie days to support her weight loss; but I monitor her constantly and am trained and qualified to know how to support her with that.

I am however against a prime time TV channel with a journalist who never actually became a practicing doctor – he went straight into becoming a trainee assistance producer at the BBC after completing medical school – influencing vulnerable people in desperate need for help watching this.

Whilst I’m not against very low calorie diets for some people, they need to managed, monitored and CANNOT last for a long time.

But my biggest vent with all of this is the fact that these obese and overweight individuals will join Michael for the 21 days and drop body fat. They will not however be educated during those 21 days on how to sustain and the biggest success factor in any weight loss journey MAINTAIN their losses.

Trust me when I say it’s the maintenance part of your journey that needs support and guidance just as much as the loss stage.

And do we think come day 22 these people will be supported afterwards to continue their journey effectively and in a healthy manner (health is more than just vitamins and minerals ladies, it’s multifaceted and includes mental health as well – food and body relationships). Don’t have that support, you will revert back to what you knew before the 21 days started.

I’m sad about this more than angered.

It’s nothing more than a financial cash out at vulnerable peoples expense.

The even sadder thing is, it will be widely watched and some will copy what they ‘tell’ not realising the long term impacts for them and their children.

Please if you’re reading this, do me and you a big ass favour and go re-read it!

Take it in, digest it and promise yourself kindness and compassion for the decisions you make for your health and your body next.

And for the love of god promise me you won’t take nutrition advice from Michael!

My DM’s and mailbox are always open for you, don’t sit there lost or stuck, I’ve got you girl! Reach out and I promise it will be instant weight off your shoulders.

Much love and health!

One life. One body. One day at a time to make the changes needed.  



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