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I’m Adele Johnston, a certified nutritionist and positive psychology coach, passionate about helping women improve their menopause health and reclaim who you are without menopause taking over.

This is a time in your life where you get to feel vibrant, sexy and reclaim you again!

I’m proud to work with women like you and have created a very successful proven Reclamation Formula™ 3 STEP PROCESS to help you take back control of your body during your menopause.

Through my online global platform, I help busy women world-wide to not only enhance menopausal health, lose the unwanted menopause weight gain, master your thinking and mindset

And connect with yourself on a powerful level to improve your relationships, happiness, career prospects and open new ways of living your most fulfilling, liberated and vibrant life.

Here’s what some of my one-to-one ladies have to say…

I feel like I’m turning another big corner and my body strength and tone is changing…I’m loving that

(Goal: to improve my health and be as fit as I can be by 50 years young)

Emma Wilson

I NEVER thought i would lose more than a couple of kgs… i am over the moon with the results, i had never imagined i could look like this, slim with firm skin.

(Goal: High energy levels, reduce body fat, improve sports performance speed and endurance)

Mette Baillie

You have been an absolute star and your patience with me has been unbelievable.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me 🌟

(Goal: Support with nutrition and keeping me on track for fat loss)

Yvonne McGhee

Menopause Support

(Peri Menopause, Early menopause – POI, Surgically Induced menopause and Post Menopause)

Menopause is a totally normal women’s health event that every single women will go through, but it’s a hormone deficiency that has health risks.

So many women struggle unnecessarily through this stage of life with a feeling of isolation, shame and vulnerability.

As a Menopause coach, I run a dedicated menopause and health focussed online coaching, with one on one support designed for you around your wants and needs. Whether that be for weight loss, guidance with HRT or alternative therapies, to improve your food relationships, to enhance your nutrition and your relationships with yourself and those you love, this is your journey but with your very own menopause mentor throughout.

Please click below to see how I can help you reclaim yourself, your confidence and your body without Menopause taking over.

This is your time to feel vibrant, sexy and powerful!



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