by Adele Johnston  

This week I’m feeling super inspired to GIVE!

You might have seen my last Instagram post where I wrote about taking downtime and self cares slots regularly in your week. If you’ve not seen that one yet here’s a summary of the key points:

Plan your diary around the actions and ‘things’ you’ve got going on right now that need your attention and time.

Plot in the big ticket items that absolutely cannot be missed or moved first, followed by the medium sized activities you’d like to complete; then finally by the smaller activities that you know you can move around should you need to.

Here’s an example of these things for me:

Big ticket items include: Client 121’s, content creation, family time, self cares time

Medium items include: training, reading 1 piece of new research, food prep

Small items include: food shop, admin…

You get the idea!

Once your self cares slot(s) is/are in the diary DON’T cancel on yourself. It’s so important to be able to relax, take time for yourself and recharge. Without it you will eventually feel so run down and that won’t help anything now will it.

Here’s some self care ideas

  1. A walk with a podcast or your favourite music album
  2. A coffee date at your favourite coffee shop
  3. A bubble bath by candlelight
  4. A nap on the sofa
  5. Guilty pleasure boxset or trashy tv #KUWTK
  6. Drawing/sketching your favourite landscape
  7. Baking
  8. Reading your favourite book
  9. Gardening
  10. Meditation, Yoga, breath work

So I want to get you feeling inspired to go ahead and open your diary, plot in your weekly activities from biggest to smallest AND make sure your self cares slot is included.

Once you’ve done it post to your social media and tag me in it – you can find me on Instagram here – and use the hashtag #selfcares

Let’s see how many women we can get scheduling their self cares slots in their diaries and treating themselves to some much needed downtime this week.

Are you in?

If yes, let’s see those tags ladies! It’s a super simple task that I’d love you all to support so please go now and open your diary, plot your slot then tag me to tell me what you’re doing for you this week.

For everyone that takes part in the task I’ll add you for a chance to win a one of the 10 FREE 30 minute coaching calls with me. No gimmicks, just 30 minutes of us focussing on you.

Feeling inspired? Ready to take action?

GO GO GO, what you waiting for, close this email and go plot your slot and tag away…

Please do it, don’t be a side line lady – be an action taker.


You can DM over on Instagram or drop me an email and I’ll get back to you