The truth sometimes hurts…

by Adele Johnston 


I wrote a post on this today on my Instagram and felt it needed a bit more than the limited overview I could squeeze into my allocated character allowance. 

It went something like this.

Want and Need are two different things…

…when it comes to losing weight.

If you find yourself consistently unhappy with how you look and feel, yet the words “ugh I really NEED to lose weight” regularly exit your mouth, well then you’re in the wring mindset althogether and the results will never show up.

There’s no want there to make change and improvement and believe it when I say, this part’s important for long terms success.

If however you’re aware of the WANT you have for losing weight, e.g. “I want to lose weight so I feel good for my holiday” or “I want to lose weight so I can swim with my comfortably with my children”, or my personal favourite, “I want to lose weight to improve my health and be around longer with my children/loved ones” (read that last one again – chills right).

So when I was recently approached by a lady asking me to give her some advice on weight loss, I instantly done an inside YESSSS to myself because it’s what I do and what I love doing – sharing my knowledge. 


It didn’t quite go like that. Heres why. 

In short, she had no real WANT for actually getting results, she wanted an easy quick fix solution. She didn’t want to change her habits and it was clear from out chat that her lifestyle wasn’t effective.

I decided this lady wasn’t right for my coaching programme and wished her all the best (in a friendly way of course). 


Well because she didn’t want to put the coaching steps, or the work or even the small changes in place. These were essential steps to achieve her end goal and she wasn’t committed. End of story. 

In short she wanted a quick fix solution without any effort. 

Here was my truth bomb! 

You’re not serious about the health improvements or weight loss with that mindset. It takes some dedication, consistency and a lot of WANT to lose weight. 

The best part in doing the above – when your body starts to respond and you feel the results, see the results and your WANT enhances, you feel incredible. 

It won’t always be straight forward and there will be days where you ask yourself if you can do it. That’s all very normal and where a good coach will guide and support you throughout that journey. 

Here’s a copy of one of my clients current journey so far and we’ve not even been tracking any calories, weight any foods; and most importantly, we’ve not cut out any food that she enjoys. This has all been achieved through WANT and through the coaching steps we’ve implemented. 

You see your weight loss journey doesn’t need to be restrictive, miserable or painful (bloody shit your pants teas).

You can achieve your results over time by investing in a knowledgeable, evidence-based coach who will cut the BS from the coaching. You want this to be as enjoyable as possible right!

So if you’ve been thinking of working with a coach lately and not sure where to start here’s a few things to think about:

+ are you committed to your goal?  

+ do you trust them to have health at the forefront of what they do?  

+ are they evidence-based and can weed out the dieting BS and myths for you? 

+ do they have a credible qualification or?  

+ do they have adequate experience of coaching?  

A good coach will be happy with you asking these questions and happy to answer them. 

I hope this helps and as always I love to chat with you all so please get in touch if this resonates with you by reply to this email. 


With love and gratitude

Adele x [follow me here for instant daily updates like this]