Let’s talk the naked truth ladies!

I was out at the weekend with my besties and what a bloody awesome time we had – the perfect tonic to life.

Everyone’s at varying stages in life right now – new babies, babies on the way, teenagers and the drama they bring, life changes, businesses booming, careers – but one thing that hit me was just how much body image torment most of my beautiful, sexy and amazing girl friends are facing right now.

Why is it whenever we receive a compliment we respond with “thanks babe but…” …I’ve gained weight/I shouldn’t have cut it short/I wished this bit right here would go away/I hate my boobs I wished they sat here (holding them up and inward so they look like two rounded coconuts)

It just got me thinking – and yes this time it was pretty sore – you see I realised something pretty dang powerful……

We self-discriminate and call our flaws instead of seeing just how amazing and beautiful our bodies truly are. What they give us. What they do for us and the life we experience because of them.

Now you may be thinking ???? “alright for you to say Adele you’re not….” … overweight/carrying some extra body fat/insecure… well no but I’ve worked hard on making sure I’m not over the years, or I absolutely would be back in that space of self-criticism and not being able to look at myself naked (me and my body never had a good relationship until after I had my twins).

I, like other women, had times where seeing a belly roll would cause me severe upset, seeing cellulite on my thighs made me feel inadequate and going over a certain number on the scale would cause me to ‘restrict’ certain food types. I wasn’t immune to the pressures and yet those pressures are so much more than they have ever been with the Social Media fakery bombarding us every. single. bloody. day.

So, if I could be impacted and feel the pressures of ‘the perfect body’ – which is what exactly? Perfect is…… subjective! Different to every single person therefore doesn’t exist. FACT – then what hope do our children have in a social media frenzy of todays world?

Genetics do play a huge role in how we move through life body and health wise; but it’s our actions and our decisions that determine just how much of a role they play – no BS here girls just straight up FACT.

I have my moments of insecurities where my scars from surgeries are lumpy and visible, my stretch marked tummy, legs, boobs and bum glisten in the sun, my over-plucked eyebrows that haven’t ever grown back from my teen years…. you see we all have them but I’ve learned to love them because those I can change I do (eyebrows) and those I cannot I remind myself they are unique and beautiful because of what they symbolise and what they gave me (c-section scar and stretch marks).

Body confidence and positivity doesn’t just happen you have to want it, focus on it and work on it. Now please don’t mistake that for “you’ve got to diet” or “you have to change your body to love it” quite the opposite – you need to work on your mindset, maybe your lifestyle I won’t lie; and most definitely work on seeing and feeling the positives when you look at your body and think about your body! This ladies is something you deserve because once you master your mindset you’ll be happy with your body in all its glory!

I love my current body, my 1.5 stone scale weight heavier body and every body in between – why, because it’s the same body and allows me life, cuddles with my twincesses and freakin’ awesome life experiences!

I LOVE MY BODY regardless of whether I’m lean or not.

With Love and Gratitude

Adele x