When Things Feel Out Of Control


Well I suppose that’s a bit of an understatement right now isn’t it? 

How have you been handling things? 

With ease? Find yourself crumbing inside at the thought of uncertainty and unfamiliar life changes? 

Either answer you give I hear you… 

…I’m one of those people that reacts to worrying news and life changes like this; 

  • Everything’s ok. I’m Fine. I’m Fine. I’M FINE.  

  • Then it turns to “Ok so others are in worse situations and nobody died so you’ll get through         this” Just continue on as normal and don’t risk crumbling.  

  • To “WTAF is happening “ (with that horrible churn inside your stomach causing you to draw deep breaths every 10 minutes).


  • Then there’s the waking through the night with vivid dreams / waking super early in the morning with a sense of “I need to fix this” and you bolt out of bed to start your day and set forth some resolution to the situation. 

  • Rational brain now starts to show up and deep down, even though worry is still visiting daily, you just know things will turn out for the best because it always tends to, right? 

What a bloody rollercoaster. 

Controlling what you can when things feel out of control is something I can almost guarantee you do.  

It’s the one thing we can be sure of in time of uncertainly – we have the controls, we steer the direction, nobody else.  

Here’s some examples from recent times:  

  • Stay indoors = Zoom calls with your besties, online Gin tasting evenings and family quizzes that we’d never have done before lockdown persuaded it upon us.  

  • Gym closures = garages and spare rooms cluttered with equipment you had every intension of using most days; but hey let’s be honest, it’s gathering dust and making you realise you really need to clean the house more often.

  • School closures = every parent squirming and upping their wine intake to cope (no judgement at this end, I’m with you champion parent-teachers) and no, I’m most certainly NOT primary 5 teacher material that’s for sure – all new found respect for all the teachers out there. 

Now more than ever we’re faced with change, anxiety, uncertainty, worry, fear…..  

But now more than ever you’re not alone #NeverAlone; and now more than ever we all need each other – for the evening we struggle, the day we feel low and the morning we waken broken. 

Here’s how I’m going to help you.

Your feelings are all normal so feel them.

Allow yourself to realise them, acknowledge them and talk to others about them – your loved ones and your friends are all feeling the same way; be a support for each other.  

Let it out and express. Journal, blog, WhatsApp in your group chat and share your thoughts, feelings and emotions. It’s good to talk. 

This is what you own, what you control and what will provide you with greater support and clarity at these times. Obsessing over how much you eat or how long you exercise for won’t. Trust me!  

When we feel uncertain, anxious, worried, scared… we turn to ‘things’ we feel in control of – it’s human nature. It’s comfort. It’s familiar.  

Before you turn to the sharing bag of peanut M&M’s and expect the entire bag to cure or numb your feelings and emotions, connect and ask yourself “am I hungry and will I enjoy eating these”.

Regardless of your answer know that whether you do or do not open that bag of M&M’s, you’re 100% in control and regret isn’t for what you did or did not eat; we save that for having sexy time with our ex, saying regrettable things to the ones we love, swearing at our kids when they’re just being too much.  

Regret is not something we have with our food choices. 

You’re in control, especially when things seem entirely out of control.

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I’ve currently got a couple of spaces available to work 121 with you. In this together #NeverAlone.

Have a wonderful week and stay safe 

With love and gratitude 

Adele x 






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