Be Resolute in 2019   

Have you made yours yet?

New Year’s resolution is a tradition where you say you’ll change something in your life or a behaviour to accomplish a personal goal.  

Would it shock you to find out that a mere 20% ever reach their well thought out goal! That’s because around 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by February. Crazy right, one month in and all goals and aspirations are binned because “it’s too hard”, “I just don’t have the time” or you just couldn’t be bothered to actually plan it out.

2019 is the year for the ‘no thank you’ to those resolutions, and hell yeah to being Resolute; because quite frankly New Year’s resolutions just don’t work! In fact I’m going to make a bold statement and say that they’re a waste of time, energy and brain power and can just make things worse.



Be Resolute in 2019 – Top 3 Tips

I’ve pulled together my 3 top tips for achieving success in your resolute mindset.

T H E      P O W E R     O F     O N E

1. One big goal is plenty. Overwhelming yourself with a list the length of your arm on the thing you will do, the changes you’ll make, the new things or hobbies you’ll start is a recipe for failure right away. Set yourself one substantial goal and plan your success by breaking that goal into smaller milestones.


 S          M          A          R          T

2. Be SMART. Some of you may be familiar with setting SMART objectives and goal planning. If not here’s how it works

S stands for SPECIFIC. Be clear on what you are asking the universe for when you set your goal e.g. I will drop a dress size from a size 14 to a 12……

M stands for MEASURABLE. Again, be clear on what you need to do to achieve and how you will do it e.g. … improving my relationship with myself, my food and learning from industry professionals….

A stands for ACHIEVABLE. This one is where you need to look at whether this is something you can do alone or whether this is something you need to widen your network for and reach out to others. Ask yourself what is the effort involved, the time it will take, the cost and plan smartly to make sure that you are going to be able to give it your all.

R stands for RELEVANT. Again, much like A above, this one is about asking yourself why you are wanting to do it/change/achieve it? Why is it relevant for your life, your success, your year ahead? Connect with your why and you build a lasting drive and inner belly burn for succeeding when times get tough – which they will that you can quote me on. Which is why all of this is vital to succeeding.

T stands for TIMELY. Set deadlines, milestones to work towards and tick off as you achieve them. Not only does this give you smaller manageable goals to work towards but it also gives you a huge sense of accomplishment when you tick it off your list.

An example would be I will drop a dress size from a size 14 to a 12 by 1st June 2019. I intent to do this by improving my relationship with myself, my food and learning from industry professionals; by:

  1. widening my network of likeminded people,
  2. working with a coach for guidance, accountability and results
  3. taking responsibility for my health, my body, mind and soul by committing to this plan.


 C O M F O R T      Z O N E   /    K I L L      Z O N E 

3. Step outside. Most people live life in their comfort zone, their secure bubble where they have cotton wool and all things ‘safe’ surrounding them. This safety bubble is known as the subconscious.

Think of it this way, the subconscious acts like a recording that repeats the same song over and over again – pretty damn annoying if you were aware of it right! We might be telling ourselves all day long that we want something different, we want to learn a musical instrument, new hobby, new skill, lose weight; but all in vain.  Our history plays back by default and we get the same results. Before we know it it’s March and we’ve still not set our plan in motion or achieved anything we wanted to by that point in the year. This always makes me think about one of my favourite quotes – “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein.

Being Resolute means refusing to give up when times get hard or challenges present themselves, you stand firm and do everything in your power to succeed. A-Gamers never quit!

So no excuses go get planning and give me a shout if you want help, that’s what I’m here for.

With love and gratitude

Adele x


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